A little bit about Arrhythmia & Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Arrhythmia is a condition where the heart beats with an irregular or abnormal rhythm. Cardiac arrest is a sudden, sometimes temporary, cessation of function of the heart.

Any person of any age can suffer from these conditions, and it can strike at any time. There are signs and symptoms to look for if you have concerns that you or a loved one may suffer from Arrhythmia.

Survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest is quite low (5%), but with the right equipment and training these survival rates climb significantly.

We want every Swiss school to be AED equipped

With proper access to necessary AED equipment, children with heart problems have a much higher chance of survival during cardiac arrest.

We're an ambitious charity, we want to see every school in Switzerland fully equipped with AEDs and have their staff trained in the use of these machines. This is a mighty goal to reach, but it's not impossible. We've had some amazing support from many kind individuals and organisations.

What do we need to achieve this?

CHF100,000 will provide enough funding to donate 25 AEDs to Swiss schools AND provide the schools staff with the necessary training needed to use them efficiently.

We need your support! Due to the efforts of our many supporters, we have already equipped many schools with AEDs. But we must continue on our path to equip every school with this life saving equipment.

We must set milestones

As we look to the future, we set small but significant milestones that will help us reach our ultimate goal. We are grateful to our current supporters, and look forward to working with them as well as new donors and contributors that will play a major role in us meeting these milestones.

  • 5-Year Plan - To make sure all schools in Canton Zug is made Heart Safe
  • 10-Year Plan - 200 AEDs donated to schools across Switzerland