On February 21st 2014, Gemeinde President Andreas Hotz opened a new network of Defibrillators donated by KidsHeart, placed outside 8 large schools in Gemeinde Baar. In addition, KidsHeart will be facilitating training of 50 teachers and staff during the month of March. This project is the result of a long planing period with Gemeinde Baar and the vision of Rektor Urban Bossard and the Gemeinderat in Baar.

The new Defibrillator network in Gemeinde Baar is very important, as it is placed outside the school buildings and thus making it accessible 24/7 to the local community in addition to serving as a life-saving facility to the children and staff using the school premises each day.

It sets an example for other Gemeinde in Canton Zug to make sure that they also have taken steps to make their schools Heart-Safe.

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